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Rethinking Design and Interiors

Human Beings in the Built Environment

Shashi Caan (London: Laurence King, 2011)

Interior design helps to shape all aspects of our lives and has now come of age both intellectually and professionally. This text sets out to change and clarify the perceptions and misconceptions about contemporary interior design by examining some of the key issues that define what it is, how it is different from architecture, what specific skills it requires and what design problems it solves.


The book also aspires to provide new creative possibilities which can help not only to expand and distinguish the discipline but also elevate its stature and esteem. Provocatively written by one of the foremost educators and practitioners in the field, this book will be essential for all interior design students and teachers, as well as appealing to practitioners.


Preservation of Modern Architecture

Theodore H. M. Prudon Ph.D., FAIA (New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons Publishers, 2008)

Winner of the APT’s Lee Nelson Award

Over the past decade Theodore Prudon has been one of the leading voices not only in the US but worldwide for the preservation of modern architecture. His seminal book titled Preservation of Modern Architecture is the first comprehensive publication that seeks to establish a theory and best practices for the preservation of the architecture of the postwar period.


After a general section that includes chapters on the history of efforts of preserving modern architecture, a review of guidelines and international charters, significant material and investigation methodologies as well as processes for establishing significance, a series of case studies has been included. These case studies cover different building typologies as well as examples of curtain wall preservation in the US and worldwide.

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