Our Ethos


Our environments are the repositories of our memories and the containers of our dreams, aspirations and needs.

They tell our stories. They are reflections of us, our society, our culture and our time.

Well-designed environments enhance, intrigue, captivate and soothe. They support our purpose and improve our functions.

Considered environments boost our commerce, improve our quality of life and enhance our wellbeing while optimizing human potential.



The SC COLLECTIVE provides architecture and design services internationally. We are a multidisciplinary design firm offering creative and timely solutions for a multitude of contexts and challenges. An award-winning and well-recognized firm driven by the power of people, we seek optimal and cutting-edge results inspired through collaboration and research.

We envision and achieve extraordinary possibilities from within the ordinary


At all times we seek to bring the desired and necessary specialty of skill and expertise individually required for each our clients and their respective identities. Our solutions inspire, transform and re-energize functions and places. This results in thoughtful, socially-engaged environments and outcomes that foster participation and pride of place for users and their communities.

Our Work

The practice of design is synonymous with life quality and the quality of outcomes. At the SC COLLECTIVE, we use design to bridge between art and science, conceptual and practical, and practice and education. We deliver the very best of solutions possible. We are structured to work with multidisciplinary talent pool for fresh, cross-fertilized ideas needed to support improvement across all aspects of life and its functions. Designing is a creative and inventive act which requires the intentional combination of the imagination, cognition and responsibility to consistently provide smart, usable and fully supportive results.

Select Projects

Design requires a finely balanced sense of aesthetics, meaning, function and support for improved living and quality of life

All at the SC COLLECTIVE practice at the highest level of creative intelligence. We examine existing conditions, issues and challenges to produce and deliver projects and outcomes that go beyond meeting the goals stipulated by our clients or industry. Through an examination of industry and societal research, both historic and present, we rewrite the design brief to demand smarter, more efficient, and inventive solutions for the consistent delivery of excellence.

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Our Alliances

Blurring traditional boundaries of design and business, the SC COLLECTIVE structures and participates in collaborative expert groups of individuals who come together for cross-disciplinary thinking, and to address a future-forward vision and needs. We envision and achieve extraordinary possibilities from within the ordinary.

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Several SC COLLECTIVE projects have been delivered in association with Prudon & Partners.

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Globally We Design (GloWD) is an independent global thought-leadership initiative. Through collaboratively rethinking processes, we posit new design thinking, practice and methods to tackle evermore pressing and contemporary problems facing humanity and the world today.

Comprised of visionary designers and design educators, GloWD facilitates leading-edge conversations and connections across all design disciplines, to achieve outcomes that expand the reach, impact and viability of the profession into the future. Adopting universal values, GloWD strives to affect a positive global impact through and by design.

Aligned Platforms

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A collaborative design consultancy comprised of GloW-DESIGNERS and advisors who work with Fortune 500 companies and corporations, as well as institutional, educational and private clients, offering a diversity of design services and smart business solutions.


A system of design learning and direct application, WorkEd integrates and balances immersive training with knowledge, wisdom, imagination and practicality.

Serving both student and employer, WorkEd bridges the disconnect between scholar and profitable professional.

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Shaping and mobilizing new, universal curricular frameworks to cultivate next-gen design talent, GloWD's ReDesignEd platform effectively connects the classroom with real-world practice, as well as fostering new research. It streamlines processes for acquiring globally-relevant design knowledge, while learning the mechanics of anytime-anyplace collaboration.


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