Subterranean Retail Re-representing the Interior

Type: Studio/Student Work
Location: Parsons, the New School for Design

Student work by Soo Min Hwang, Mee Jin Kim, and Bonnie Wilson

This immersive interiors installation presented a view for a changed and more appropriate representation for Interior Architecture / Design. The installation utilized a technological backdrop for the showcasing of a well-researched and architectural design experience with a comprehensive understanding of the interior projects as designed by the students. The change in exhibiting methodology was the end product of a fundamental change in process for the actualization, determination, and development of the design brief along with the conceptualization and development of each project

Students were required to make a business proposal, determine the best location and site ( within a given context), research, design, and develop the project. Final presentations comprised a two-minute animated walk through of the project, each of which illustrated the resolved state of volumes, lighting, materials/color, construction methodology, and details. Students used sounds as an integral component of their project development. The change in representation methodology resulted in a change of quality of the questioning and exploration process of the project. End results demonstrated a greater inventiveness and deeper understanding of the comprehensive nature of the shaping of human occupied environments and their consequences. For more information, click here