Workplace & Strategies


Business success today requires the workplace to be designed to optimize the human potential for productivity, health and well-being. The workplace must effectively support and deliver greater real-estate and financial efficiency with a fully tech–enabled, functional environment which simultaneously supports the business, the company’s identity and provides a sense of life balance and life quality for its people. This necessitates a variety of work settings which support and enhance the individual’s skill, choice, style and contributions, along with the encouragement of knowledge sharing and collaboration. Today’s work environment must sustain mobility & flexibility that contribute to the attraction & retention of a multigenerational / multinational workforce, while fostering the comprehensive and ongoing engagement of people. We know that good design is good business.


The SC Collective transforms spaces and revitalizes businesses through thoughtful, sustainable and socially engaged design. We deliver design outcomes that achieve client goals and business results while fully supporting people. Intrinsic to our process we continuously develop and follow new and relevant research affecting the contemporary workplace and its impact on people. Our experienced staff work to ensure the active participation and buy-in of people in workplaces that reflect their needs and expectations. The end result is a design methodology which keeps considerations of the human as central to the workplace, while resolving related challenges of building typology, real estate footprint, circulation, work flow and team interactions intact.

We offer a cohesive consultancy service that provides the processes, tools and techniques for managing work, people and culture change. Our expert staff and collaborative structure delivers transformative business results.